Hard kandy has put Australia on the map, exporting its crazy party ethics and addictive beats to the world, creating a new generation of clubbers and ravers united.

If one club night has come to represent the life and excitement of the Australian club scene today, it would undoubtedly be Hard Kandy.

Australia is considered to have one of the most sophisticated and diverse scenes in the World. It is no easy task to achieve the kind of success that this clubbing institution has. It really was a case of fate for Scott Alert to deliver one of the most exciting brands to Melbourne. With the hunger and the vision to give Melbourne a new direction, a new enthusiasm, and most importantly, a new standard to expect from the DJ’s and promoters of this city with record numbers of Melbourne clubbers looking palpably shocked that they could be having such an amazing night out.

What has followed from then, has been a dream come true for the underground dance community of this country, as Aussie clubs take what they’ve got to offer to the World stage, as well as bringing the World’s best DJ’s and producers to party with us here. Now having taken the brand to Malaysia, South Africa & New Zealand, more excitement is on the horizon for HK.

Now in it’s 15th year, HK has played host to a list of DJ’s and producers, that reads like a who’s who of the dance music scene, with international and interstate guests featured regularly – with so much talent and influence at its disposal, the club has become a Mecca for punters, DJ’s and artists alike from all over the World to enjoy.

International DJ’s

DJ Stephanie (ITA)
Bootek (UK)
Tuneboy (ITA)
Technoboy (ITA)
DJ Isaac (NL)
The Prophet (NL)
Steve Hill (NZ)
Ilogik (UK)
Andy Whitby (UK)
Kutski (UK)
Tranz-Linquants (UK)
Kujin Fu (UK)
Nick The Kid (UK)
S.H.O.K.K. (SUI)
Marcel Woods (NL)
Sash (GER)
Activator (ITA)
Luca Antolini (ITA)
Mirage (NZ)
Greg GMT Turner (Sth Africa)
Eddy Virgo (JHB)
Dark By Design (UK)
Yoji Biomehanika (JP)
Scot Project (GER)
Showtek (NL)
Organ Donors (UK)
Dj Wag (GER)
Shock:force (UK)
Luca Antolini (ITA)
Kutski (UK)
Vandall (UK)
Joop (NL)
Lab4 (UK)
Proteus (FIN)
Cally & Juice (UK)
Kamui (NL)
Nuw Idol (UK)
Tidy Boys (UK)
Fergie (UK)
John Truelove (UK)
Anne Savage (UK)
Public Domain (SCO)
Mark Sherry (SCO)
Nick Sentience (UK)
Nikki Sentience (UK)
Tara Reynolds (UK)
Gleave (IRE)
Alex Kidd (UK)
Kidd Kaos (UK)
Derb (GER)
Walt (NL)
Paul Glazby (UK)
Dave Joy( SWI)
Paul Brisk (UK)
Bass Agents (MAY)
David Forbes (SCO)
Dumonde (GER)
Simon Eve (UK)
Dj Dean (GER)
Dj Jean-D (GER)
Dave Randall (UK)
Johan Gielan (NL)
Pila & the Scientist (UK)
K90 (UK)
Billy Bunter (UK)
Rachel Auburn (UK)
Karim (UK)
Jon Doe (UK)
Captain Tinrib (UK)