Go Hard or Go Home

WEAVER is no stranger to the big stage, for years he has been at the forefront of the Hard Dance community, whether it be for his music productions, releases or his memorable performances. Since the beginning, music has been the passion behind Weaver, with a strong global fan base, his reputation of Australia’s NO.1 hardcore […]

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Classic Kandy

HARD KANDY PRESENTS: ‘CLASSIC KANDY 2016’ SCHOOL UNIFORM NIGHT OLD SCHOOL NIGHT ‘170russell’ 170 Russell Street, City Fri 5th August 2016 10pm – Close Ticket Update: $20 Early Bird Tickets – (SOLD OUT) $25 Second Release Tickets are now on SALE – (13 Tickets Left) Click Here to purchase tickets:

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HARD KANDY & MASIF PRESENTS: ‘WILDSTYLEZ’ + Mc VILLAIN 9pm – Close TRAK TICKETS: Ticketmaster: http://www.ticketmaster.com.au/wildstylez-mc-villain-toorak-victoria-08-05-2015/event/13004E8DA6C15D25?artistid=1902407&majorcatid=10001&minorcatid=201&tm_link=venue_msg-0_13004E8DA6C15D25 Hard Kandy: https://www.hardkandy.com/ And the hits just keep on coming…….. So many huge tours so far from Hard Kandy in 2015! And it aint stopping here…….. Up next, we present to you, WILDSTYLEZ and VILLAIN! Monster main room, Monster


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